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Environment Clicks

Simply click on the links below and you will make a donation to the cause. Please only click the links one time. Most sites will only count a single click each day so multiple clicks to the same site does not help the cause.

Sites In The Bulk Environmental Donation Link:

Ecology Fund: Rainforest: Help protect the South American rainforest.

Ecology Fund: Coastal: Help protect the Patagonian Coastal Reserve.

Ecology Fund: Species: Help protect the Canadian Wild Lands.

Ecology Fund: USA: Help protect the Cascade old-growth & wildlife corridors and Palmyra Atoll.

Ecology Fund: Clean Air: Help remove CO2 (carbon dioxide) by the purchase of pollution credits.

Oaks Of The World: Help plant oak forests.

2Care Oceans: Help save the oceans.

2Care Marine Wetlands: Help save save marine wetlands.

Free Donation: Environment: Help protect the environment.

Waste Site: Help provide clean-up efforts of man made garbage.

Wild Globe: Help save the Mexican rainforest.

Solar Site: Help provide solar power to under-deveoped areas.

Project Forest Watch: Help to save forests in Malaysia and Brasil.

Click The Planet Tanzania: Help to save African savanna to create a national park in Tanzania.

Click The Planet Amazon: Help to save the Amazon rainforest.

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