Nice Things To Do

Looking for something to do that will help others? Click each of these or just some and do a good thing today.

Feed The Hungry

Donate Bread

Food For Poland

Hungry Children.Com

Hunger Fighters

Polish Hunger Site

Free Food For The Poor

The Veterans Site

Feed Hungry in Brazil

Provide 2 Days Of Clean Water

Click to Give – Feed The Poor

Purify Water

Donate Water Supplies

Feed The Poor

Hunger Site For India

Donate Clean Water

The Hunger Site

Help Poverty And The Homeless

Donate Your Click (Click All The Causes)

Woord En Daad – Dutch Site Helps Children

Mexican Charities

Japanese Charities (Click One Of The Images)

Help Finance Loans

Solve Poverty

Polish Heart Charity

NYC Charities

Greater Good Site

Click To Give – End Homelessness

Japanese Doctors Without Borders

Build Schools

Cure Disease

Japanese Suicide Prevention

Care 2 Website – Breast Cancer Site

Free Mammograms

The Diabetes Site

Click To Give – Fight Kids Cancer

The Breast Cancer Site

Advance Cancer Research

Free Breast Cancer Scans (Click The Box On The Left)

Fight Cancer

Help Children

Click To Give – Stop Child Abuse

Polish Autism Site (Click A Box In The Picture)

For The Children

Click To Give – Sponsor Children

Care 2 Website – For Children

Tarahumara Children’s Hospital

Child Healthcare

Children’s Healthcare In Japan

Provide Medical Care To A Child

The Autism Site

Help Education

Education In Poland (Click The Chest)

Provide 1 Day Of Education

Two Wings Project

The Literacy Site

Domestic Help

Care To Website – Stop Domestic Violence

Help Animals

Donate Free Kibble For Dogs

Feed Dogs

Feed Cats

Feed Abandoned Farm Animals

Feed Abandoned Horses

Donate Free Kibble For Cats

Feed Rescued Animals

Give Dog Blankets

Animal Rescue Site

Fight Animal Cruelty

Free Food & Care For Animals

Care 2 Website – For Wolves

Click To Give – Animal Care

Care 2 Website – For Pets

Care 2 Website – For Primates

Care 2 Website – For Seals

Care 2 Website – For Big Cats

Feed Abandoned Animals

Help The Environment

Land Care Niagara – Plant A Tree

Protect 3.8 Feet Of Rainforest

The Rainforest Site

Ecology Fund

Costa Rican Forests

Save The Rainforest

Preserve A Piece Of Rainforest

Donate Solar Energy

Care 2 Website – For The Ocean

Plant An Oak Tree

Wildlife Conservation

Care 2 Website – Stop Global Warming

Clean The Country


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