More Charity Click Sites

The following sites are not included in the bulk donators for one of several reasons. Either they specifically requested not to be placed in the bulk donators, they have a pop-up on their site that slows the bulk donators down, or their site is very slow making the bulk donators load extremely slowly.

All these free click charity sites are still worth visiting if you have na extra 5 – 10 minutes of time.

Other Free Donation Sites Not Included In The Bulk Donation Links:

Solve Poverty: Click to help educate children and create a job for their parents.

Global e-Inclusion Movement: Click to help pay for the cost of resources and activities (e.g., training, equipment, etc.) supporting the development of ICT for education projects in poor areas of the world.

Feed South Africa: Click to help feed a hungry person in South Africa. Click to donate food to the hungry.

Save The Iberian Lynx: Help promote cork plantations which gives habitat to this endangered species (click the “sos” button on right directly under the Google ads).

Stop The Hunger: Click to help buy a meal for an American who can’t afford to eat.

The Animal Rescue Site: Click provides food for an animal in a shelter or sanctuary.

Land Care Niagara: Click to help plant trees.

The Breast Cancer Site: Click to help fund free mammograms.

The Hunger Site: Click to help fight world hunger.

The Rainforest Site: Click to help save the rainforest.

The Child Health Site: Click to help save young lives.

The Literacy Site: Click to help give free books. Click to help feed the hungry in Poland.

The Birth Site: Click to help women get the needed resources to continue their pregnancies (they have no political affiliations with either side of the abortion issue).

Word and Deed: Click to help the poorest of the poor in Africa, Asia and Central America. Click on the red “geef gratis een gift voor een straatkind” link.