Medical Clicks

The links below are free click websites that donate to medical issues. They are all the sites that are contained in our medical bulk donator. If you would like to donate to all the sites with one click, please go to our Free Click Bulk Donations Links.

If you’d rather donate to each of the sites individually, simply click on the links below and you will make a donation to the cause. Please only click the links one time. Most sites will only count a single click each day so multiple clicks to the same site does not help the cause.

Sites In The Bulk Medical Donation Link:

Free Donation: AIDS: Help fight AIDS.

2Care: Breast Cancer: Help eliminate environmental causes of breast cancer.

Craig Research Labs: Help support cancer research at The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

Free Donation: Cancer: Help in the effort to defeat cancer.

Mater Care: Help provide simple, inexpensive surgery to correct obstetric fistulae.

Give A Minute: Give 1 minute of medical care for a patient in the Tarahumara Children’s Hospital.